Lady Lever Art Gallery

While I was in Liverpool this week I went to the Lady Lever art gallery in a place called Port Sunlight on the other side of the mersey. It's a village that was built to house Leverhulme's soap factory workers in the 19th Century and it's so clean and perfect and unreal! It's now a museum as well as the art gallery, and the houses have been privately sold. The houses are big with trees planted along the roads with a water feature in the centre. Not really what you'd expect for factory workers during the industrial revolution. The art gallery houses everything he collected and it's magnificent and bigger than it looks - I would like to go back one day because I don't think I looked at all of the paintings as much I could have. There is a collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, as well as furniture, wedgwood pottery, sculpture and antiques from around the world.

chinese snuff bottles

I was amazed by these watches

painting to advertise soap

This is from the Ming dynasty, China

I love this green hat so much!

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